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8-mm Film Case & Reel Set. Polystyrene. 1-5/8" thick.
8-mm Film Case & Reel  Polystyrene. 1-5/8" thick.
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Holds 200' Reels. 5-1/2 x 5-5/16".

These quality, transparent smoke, 8-mm film cases and reel sets are made from archival polystyrene. They come with an adapter plug for use with standard 8-mm film. Remove plug when using with Super 8 film. User friendly loading and a true-running reel. Cases have stacking hubs for safe shelf storage, or you can store 25 of them in our XCD30 storage box.
Base SKU: afcr8mm200

Film Case Vinyl Labels
Film Case Vinyl Labels
8 x 3/4"

Use these archival Film Can LABELS for secure and reliable audio and film reel identification. Labels will withstand extreme temperatures and multiple freeze / thaw cycles without detaching, cracking or becoming brittle.
Base SKU: lfc875