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16 and 20" discs — Although 12" was the largest disc diameter used in consumer products, broadcasting studios made use of 16" and 20"-diameter 78 rpm acetate "transcriptions," used for time-delaying programs and for prerecording broadcasts. These could provide up to 20 minutes of unbroken program material with very good fidelity (indistinguishable from live to casual, but not to critical listeners). Early classical LP recordings were in fact initially recorded on 20" 78-rpm acetates for later transfer to LP. 16" turntables are still seen in professional broadcast equipment, although it is probably very rare that any disk larger than 12" is ever played on them. Quote taken from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
16" Record Sleeve
16" Record Polyester (Mylar) Sleeves
Description: 16" Record Polyester (Mylar) Sleeve
17-1/4 x 17-3/16"
4mil; no flap

Made from Library of Congress approved polyester. Polyester is considered to be the ultimate material for long-term storage. Crystal-clear material. Semi-rigid.
Base SKU: s1717r

16" Record Sleeve
16" Record Sleeve

4 Layer 16" Record Sleeve

Outside: 18 x 18"
Inside: 17 x 17-1/2"

Made from four layers of material laminated together to create a perfect storage sleeve for 16". The external layer is brown paper, followed by polyethylene, foil and polyethylene. The internal polyethylene protects records from abrasion, while the middle layers of foil and polyethylene act as a vapor barrier.
Base SKU: s16lpbrn

16" Record Storage Box, Archival BARRIER BOARD
16" Record Storage Box, Archival BARRIER BOARD
Description: 18 x 17 x 3" (depth). Tan 60pt. board.
Use this flip-top, metal-reinforced box for the ultimate in archival storage for your 16" records. The material is acid-free, lignin-free and buffered with 3% calcium carbonate.
Holds 20-25   16" records in paper envelopes.
Base SKU: xlp16bb