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We have an economical line of Static Control Brush Film Cleaners. These
cleaners utilize the StaticWisk™ anti-static brushes that dissipate static and whisk dust and lint off the film. Brushes are easily removed for routine cleaning. Durable steel frames and top quality components. All cleaners come with a magnetic mounting system.

AKSE070 comes with a fan that gently blows filtered air across the film, further enhancing the cleaning process.

Sold with a two-year limited warranty.

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2-1/2 inch Antistatic Brush
2-1/2 inch Antistatic Brush
2.5" ANTI-STATIC BRUSH comes in a plastic box. The brush is constructed with anti-static fibers to dissipate static electric charges. Neutralizing these static charges releases clinging specks for easy removal. Brush can be washed in a mild soap and reused without affecting the anti-static qualities of the brush.
No cord.
Base SKU: asw25

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