Poster Display Bins

These steel and steel tubing POSTER/PRINT DISPLAY BINS are the perfect choice for customer browsing at shows, cash registers, kiosks, art galleries and anywhere that space is limited. They are sturdy, professional-looking, well-built and portable. The APD-VB1, APD-MG2, APD-RB1 and the APD-RB2 come with casters, so that repositioning the display to the best perusal spot can be done in minutes. All bins are available in multiple finishes to match any decor.

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Floor Poster Display - Holds 30-40 Posters
Floor Poster Display.
26 x 25-1/2 x 41-1/4".
Holds 30-40 posters.
Folds away.

Base SKU:apd-fa1

Floor Poster Display
Stand-Alone Poster Bin.
18 x 24 x 36-1/4".
Holds 70-75 posters.

Base SKU:apd-sw2739

Metal Floor Poster Display
Floor Poster Display. V-Bin.
Holds 30-40 posters (up to 24 x 38").
38 x 24 x 33".

Base SKU:apd-vb1

Floor Poster Display - 2 Tier
Floor Poster Display. Steel V-Bin. 2 tier.
Holds 30-40 posters per tier (up to 18 x 24").

Base SKU:apd-mg2

Floor Poster Display
Floor Poster Display. Roundabout Steel V-Bin.
Holds 30-40 posters (up to 32 x 43").
36 x 26 x 40".

Base SKU:apd-rb1